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Mobile App

Out of the office, but always in control

Where do you find business owners and managers these days? Not chained to a desk. Instead, hands-on leaders roll up their sleeves and go where the action is. That's why we've made KodaBank's Mobile App so business friendly. No matter where you are at any moment, you can connect to your accounts, manage your money and get real-time financial data that allows you to make all the right moves.

  • Download our app from the App Store or Google Play
  • 24/7 access to all of your KodaBank accounts
  • Check balances and transfer funds
  • Review recent transactions
  • Pay bills and settle vendor invoices in a matter of minutes
  • Make loan payments
  • Sign up to receive alerts when payments are due, your balance runs low or checks clear

Mobile Deposit

If a customer or client pays you with a check, you can deposit funds fast without having to visit a KodaBank branch.

  • Open your KodaBank app
  • Endorse your check
  • Take images of front and back of check with smartphone or tablet camera
  • Follow simple instructions to submit images
  • Receive electronic confirmation that your funds have been received
  • Get quick access to your money, often within one business day
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Online Banking

Online banking makes checking your account details quick and easy.

About Online Banking

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Koda Insurance

Let us help you choose the best insurance coverage to suit your needs.

Insurance Options