Our Story

A legacy built on trust and long-lasting relationships

When KodaBank opened in 1881, we were on America's frontier. Our first customers made their living off the land. They farmed and fished, cut down timber and built up towns. These were rugged people who worked hard for their money. And we provided them with a place to keep it, to grow it and to borrow a little to see their families through the lean times.

Of course, things change. Over the decades, our part of North Dakota and Minnesota has grown. More people. Better roads. Some small factories and, yes, bigger banks. KodaBank eventually grew to four branches, two on each side of the state line. And now, thanks to a February 2020 merger, we're becoming even bigger, adding five more locations, including one in Bemidji, Minnesota.

We're excited about the expansion.  It gives us an opportunity to serve more communities and to provide more convenient access to our offices for customers across the region.

But in many ways, things don't change.

Back in 1881, KodaBank was an independent, locally owned bank. It still is. That means the people who help you open an account or apply for a loan are your friends and neighbors. They know the lay of the land. They can help connect you with the financial services you need.

From the beginning, we've made it a point to build long-standing relationships with our customers. They know we're straightforward and easy to work with. They know they can come to us and get common-sense advice on how to tackle their financial challenges. Mostly, they trust us to do right by them and the communities they live in.

And one more thing. A large percentage of our customers still make their living off the land. We've served some agricultural families for generations. We're proud of that. And we're still here for them, just as we are for other small businesses and for all kinds of individuals and families who still work hard for their money.

Rest assured, our latest expansion won't change our values. Not even a little.

We will continue to manage our business locally. We will continue to build relationships with families, farmers and business owners. And we will continue to support every one of our local communities to the best of our abilities.

At KodaBank, we look forward to serving you now and in the future.
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