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We charge you less so you can keep more

At KodaBank, our goal is to help you make the most of your money, not take it away from you. That's why we strive to keep our fees for everything from money orders and wire transfers to replacement debit cards and overdrafts as low as possible.

Personal Services:
Check Cashing (non-customer)  $5.00
Notary Public (customer) No Fee
Notary Public (non-customer) $2.00
Photocopies $.25 (per page)
Outgoing Fax $2.00 first page $.50 per page thereafter
Incoming Fax    $1.00 first page $.50 per page thereafter
Copy of Statement  $1.00
Account Activity Printout $1.00
Account Research $30/hour
Account Balancing Assistance $30/hour
Wire Transfers:
Wire Transfer - Outgoing      $25.00
Wire Transfer - Incoming $10.00
Foreign Wire Transfer - Outgoing  $50.00
Foreign Wire Transfer - Incoming $10.00
Official Checks:
Money Order $2.00
Bank Draft  $3.00
Cashier's Check $5.00
Other Fees:
Overdraft Charge (per item) $28.00
Overdraft Daily (daily maximum) $168.00
Return Check Charge (per item) $28.00
Return Check Charge (daily maximum) $168.00
Continuous Overdraft Charge $20.00
Debit Card / ATM replacement $5.00
Stop Payment Fee $25.00
Garnishment / Levy Fee $50.00

Agricultural Loans

For farm operating, equipment financing, or farm real estate loans, you'll appreciate the experience of our KodaBank ag lenders!

Loan Options

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Koda Insurance

Let us help you choose the best insurance coverage to suit your needs.

Insurance Options